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Minimalist Golf Swing SpecialistMinimalist Golf Swing Inventor Kiran Kanwar

Website:  http://www.yourgolfguru.com

Email:  kkgolfswing@gmail.com

Blog: http://www.kirankanwargolf.wordpress.com



Highlights of Achievements

  • Twenty three years experience as a golf instructor – all skill levels Tour Pros to beginners since 1989
  • Inventor Minimalist Golf Swing System – world’s only reverse-engineered-for-ideal-impact swing
  • Winner of Ladies All India Open Amateur Golf Championship 1983
  • Website http://www.yourgolfguru.com has over 250,000 international hits annually since 1999
  • Author of instruction e-book titled ‘DIY (do-it-yourself) GOLF’ – sold on website 2006
  • Golf Writer (13-year column for Mid-Day; also articles for every major Indian Publication) since 1985
  • Columnist, Golf Digest India since 2003

Golf Swing Biomechanics Presentations at Conferences and Workshops

  • Oral Paper at World Scientific Congress of Golf (WSCG) 2012
  • Symposium (jointly with biomechanists) ‘Science-based Methods Improve Ball Flight (WSCG) 2012
  • Workshop ‘Correct Positioning of Body-Joints to Improve Golf Ball Flight’ (WSCG) 2012
  • Seminar for PGA of America’s Gateway Section ‘Bringing Science to the Golf Swing‘ 2011
  • Seminar for Students of MS in Sports Science of Logan Univ.‘Bringing Science to the Golf Swing‘ 2011
  • PGA of Asia Second Golf Conference, speaker, “Human Anatomy in the Golf Swing‘ 2011
  • PGA of Asia First Golf Conference, speaker, ‘Bringing Science to the Golf Swing‘ 2010
  • Workshop for Indian Tour Pros ‘Biomechanics; Physiology; Fitness Principles for Better Ball-Striking‘ 2009
  • Exhibited a more effective and scientific golf swing (Booth 1880) at PGA Merchandise Show 2008
  • Conducted LPGA Workshop – ‘How to Analyze and Improve Ball Flight‘ 2008
  • Third World Scientific Congress of Golf, St. Andrews, Scotland – 3 research-based posters 1998

  • Second World Scientific Congress of Golf – Oral Paper ‘One Move to Better Ball Flight’ 1994

Golf Swing Research

  • Mini-study at PGA of America’s Golf Learning and Performance Center 2010

  • Hooters’ Tour demo – A Science-based swing-template improves ball-flight tracked on Doppler radar 2010

  • Golf industry funded research in collaboration with Washington University in St Louis 2007

  • Golf industry funded swing research in collaboration with St Louis Univ., USA 2006

  • Golf Digest Magazine aided research on quick improvement of women’s swings 2004

  • European Congress of Sports Sciences – poster accepted 2003

  • The PGA, The Belfry, U.K. – Conducted 2-week research on a scientifically correct golf swing 1997

Teaching Experience

  • Teaching Professional at Oak Brook Golf Club, Edwardsville, Il since 2011
  • Teaching Professional, Sunset Hills Golf Club St Louis, MO, USA since 2007
  • Head Professional at Triple A Golf and Tennis Club, St Louis, MO, USA 2006 – 09
  • Teaching Professional at four clubs in Mumbai, India since 1989
  • Coach to the United Services’ Club Inter-Club Championship Team 2006
  • Golf Instructor at Peggy Kirk Bell’s Golfari Schools at Pine Needles, NC, USA 1995
  • Designed layout for, and taught golf at, India’s first indoor golf facility at Landmarc Citi, Mumbai. 2002 
  • Teach golf to local and regional level winners of World Long Drive Championship since 2007
  • Conducted PGA of India’s National Junior Coaching Camp, Pune 2008
  • Golf Professional for First Tee of St Louis and The PGA of America Gateway Section Jr Camps 2006 – 09

Professional Affiliations

  • Class A member, The LPGA, Teaching & Club Professional Div. since 2007
  • Advanced Golf Professional, The PGA, U.K. since 1995
  • Class A Member and Member Board of Management, The PGA of India 1990- and 2008- resp.
  • Class A Member and Teaching Staff, The National Golf Academy of India 2006- and 2008- resp
  • American College of Sports Medicine, certified Personal Trainer since 2009
  • Member, Golf Writers’ Association of America since 2005


  • MS in Sports Science and Rehabilitation, Logan University, St Louis, MO (candidate) 2011-14
  • Bachelor of Science (Physics, Math): St. Xavier’s College, Bombay University 1976
  • Indian School Certificate : Queen Mary School, Mumbai 1972

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Mike on September 8, 2012 at 2:42 pm

    A great easy to learn swing system. My fellow competitors are impressed by improved distance and accuracy. My handicap has dropped 3 strokes in 2 weeks.
    What is the best minimalist approach to add a slice or draw when necessary? I wish I had been introduced to th MGSS 50 years ago when I started this game. Currently a 10 HCP. Thank you.


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