Learn 'MGS-in-a-Day'

MGS Fans – Learn the Minimalist Golf Swing (MGS) in a Day (Summer 2012)

WARNING: The MGS is only for those who want perfection – easily and effortlessly!

Immerse yourself in MGS – learn how very efficient, simple and easy-on-the-body the MGS system can be.

The MGS gives you a set-up and swing which deliver the club to the ball correctly EVERY TIME (once you get the simple moves of the MGS). The MGS ‘system’ works just as well for a basic pitch, chip or putt, as it does for the full-swing. Learn it ALL.

You can book a 4-hour or 6-hour session on any one day, and the entire day will be reserved for you, so that you may take as many breaks between shot-making/playing the course as you require to (instruction time will be either 4 or 6 hours only). Please note, however, that all timings for instruction as well as for breaks must be confirmed at the time of finalizing the booking, via email to kkgolfswing@gmail.com


  • Sunset Hills The Driving Range of Sunset Hills Golf Course,

13550 W. Watson Road, St Louis, MO 63127


  •  Oak Brook Golf Club,9157 Fruit Road, Edwardsville, Il 62025


Between 20th April 2012 to 20th September 2012 only.

[At your convenience, by advance appointment]


Payment once received will not be refunded. Any date-changes can be made upto one week prior to the scheduled appointment will be honored, and every attempt will be made to find a new mutually convenient date fixed via email to kkgolfswing@gmail.com


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