Of Birdies and Bogeys

Golf, it sometimes seems, is a metaphor for life.

Except that those who are involved in any way in golf are the ‘chosen ones’ – blessed – although we often forget it.

In both life and in golf, if only we could see the grand, elevating birdies for the triple bogeys and the many mundane pars that make up the daily routines of our lives, we’d have proof positive of how very blessed we are!

This section will comment on this and that (always golf-related, naturally) and rate each comment with a birdie or bogey.

Recommended Reading

Please splurge on a copy of the May 2012 issue of Golf Digest Magazine. Why? Well, not least of all to see some of my home courses in Mumbai, India, and to read a really sensitively-written essay in beautiful, piquant language by John Barton. It is accompanied by some quality pictures by Dom Furore. So, a definite birdie for both these gentlemen.

My own collection of similar pictures                                                                                                                                                           (some taken while accompanying Dom to the high-rise from which he shot some glorious photographs):


One response to this post.

  1. Kiran, is it true that you are India’s first female teaching professional? Do you have some idea of how many students you have had thus far?

    I am curious about any stories of discrimination you have faced. In promoting your swing on another golf-blog, the level of denial and obfuscation I am encountering from other teaching pros is goofy and intellectually indefensible. I’m sure you have good techniques besides “try-it” you’ll like it! One pro claimed he could not hit his 5 iron 130 yards trying MGS. I will be taking videos soon showing me hitting my PW almost 130 yards after knee surgery and my driver 250 yards!


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