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Make THIS your BEST EVER GOLF YEAR                                                                                                                                                     

Putting – A Pendulum-Like Motion. Yes or No?                                                                                                                                           

Is YOUR GOLF SWING Over-the-Top?                                                                                          

How to hit YOUR best shot – ALWAYS                                                                                    

Is YOUR Golf swing a lot of BS – and you don’t even know it?                             

Over-The-Top Golf Swing – BEST DEFINITION                                                              

The Body’s Role in the Golf Swing 

Its NOT MGS – a Pitch Shot which is NOT yet MGS                          

From Short Fade to Long Baby-Draw – a Case Study              

What MUST happen in the Bunker                                                  

Awkward/Unusual Lies with MGS                                                

Fading the Ball with MGS                                                                     

MGSS From The Rough

The Pitch Shot

MGSS Quick-Fix for a LONG DRIVER

Sports Chiropractors group

MGS for golfer with pain during swing

A golfer of 37 years who is always curious about new ideas

The Pitch Shot- At Any Age

Eleven Handicap golfer who’s lost distance, consistency

High School Golfer

Bunker Shot MGS Style

MGS for a regular golfer of 50 years

* MGS for a Single Handicap Club Golfer

Expert Opinions I

Expert Opinions II

See Minimalist Golf Swing on

* Asian Tour Veteran I – excessive body and wrist action

* Asian Tour Veteran II – inconsistent ball-flight

* Former US PGA Tour Player – reverse weight shift and steep backswing

* Indian Tour player I – reverse weight shift caused by head movement

* Indian Tour player II – MGS posture needed for no-wrist backswing

* US Mini Tour player – reverse weight shift

* Hooters’ Tour Players – different swings, one improvement method

* Long-drive champion – band-aid tip for very long, wrap-around swing

* Long-driver – fix for too-much body movement

* Club champion – reverse weight shift, wrap-around arms swing

* Club golfer – reverse weight shift, too much wrist bend

* Club golfer – left-handed – body out of posture

* Senior woman golfer – arms to bent and narrow, cannot straighten at impact

* Intermediate-level female junior golfer

* Beginner-level female junior golfer

* Club-level caddie golfer – too much body movement


* Understanding Tiger’s Karma – The BODY’s ROLE in the swing

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Nige Paskin (UK) on January 18, 2012 at 2:20 pm

    Started to use this method as best I can on a gradual building process… Playing off a handicap of 12.1 at present and will keep updating over the coming months……. Nige (England, UK)


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