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Hit the Ball Further, Straighter, Higher EVERY TIME

Hit the Ball Further, Straighter, Higher EVERY TIME

If a ball in not connected below its equator and on it’s inside/near right quadrant (for a right-handed golfer), where CAN it be connected? Above its equator or on it’s outside right quadrant.

Anyway you look at it, that IS an over-the-top – OF THE BALL – impact, and does not give you the best ball-flight you are capable of – maximum distance, straight direction and ideal trajectory!

Two new videos (in the GOLF VIDEOS section of this blog), titled How to Hit YOUR Best Shot – ALWAYS and IS YOUR GOLF SWING Over-the-Top together show body (joint) -positions at the top of the backswing which are the opposite of what is required for correct impact.

When multiple joints require to be repositioned, in sequential order, during the short duration of the downswing, the brain says, “no time, why bother” and simply follows the path of least resistance and drops the club over the top of the ball. hence a ‘bludgeoned’ or ‘smothered’ impact, where the golfer puts in ‘x’ amount of effort, but only a portion of it (cosine of ‘x’) goes into the ball, the rest is wasted in the dirt or air around the ball.

Once certain joints are mis-placed at the top, the golfer – depending on his/her level of skill and experience – makes individual compensatory movements in order to try to re-position upper-body and trail (right) arm joints properly. The re-positioning gives the body two opportunities to deliver the club over-the-top of the ball. You have to be very skilled and have years of practice to avoid both OTT opportunities and deliver the club from a shallow, inside path!

Ironically, the fitness experts tell you you have physical limitations which need correction in order to make a better swing, when in fact all you need is better joint placement and minimal movement during the swing!



The Over-the-Top Golf Swing – BEST DEFINITION

Another (after the recently-posted ROLE OF THE BODY IN THE GOLF SWING) youtube video in the ‘golf videos’ section of this blog.

It’s about what exactly over-the-top (OTT) is, and what that movement does to the ball. BASICALLY it is a movement in which the club does not connect the ball precisely (ie. not below it’s equator an on the inside-right qaudrant – for a right handed golfer).

OTT really is something that you always FEEL as soon as you’ve done it, as the feedback from the hands is not a pure, effortless ‘zing’. If you try to co-relate the feedback when you make such a shot, you’re sure to know from experience, exactly what I mean – no need for any knowledge of old or new or what-have-you Ball Flight Laws!

You’ll always have the feeling that either your right upper-body (for a right-handed golfer), or your right thigh came down and forward before impact. You might also feel it as an awkwardly pushed forward (protracted) right shoulder, which then jams the entire right arm into an awkward position. And that is precisely all that OTT really is, in terms of body positions. It has, ofcourse, been made to sound a bit more sophisticated in the video, simply in order to convey it in precise anatomical terms that cannot be argued with!

The point, once again, being that you cannot just put all the major joints of the body into any old position and expect them to re-route themselves in time for perfect impact (even with 10,000 hours of hard-wiring), because sooner or later they will rebel and tell you that they will NOT co-operate every time or will just break-down in protest of too much misuse.

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