Hit the Ball Further, Straighter, Higher EVERY TIME

Hit the Ball Further, Straighter, Higher EVERY TIME

If a ball in not connected below its equator and on it’s inside/near right quadrant (for a right-handed golfer), where CAN it be connected? Above its equator or on it’s outside right quadrant.

Anyway you look at it, that IS an over-the-top – OF THE BALL – impact, and does not give you the best ball-flight you are capable of – maximum distance, straight direction and ideal trajectory!

Two new videos (in the GOLF VIDEOS section of this blog), titled How to Hit YOUR Best Shot – ALWAYS and IS YOUR GOLF SWING Over-the-Top together show body (joint) -positions at the top of the backswing which are the opposite of what is required for correct impact.

When multiple joints require to be repositioned, in sequential order, during the short duration of the downswing, the brain says, “no time, why bother” and simply follows the path of least resistance and drops the club over the top of the ball. hence a ‘bludgeoned’ or ‘smothered’ impact, where the golfer puts in ‘x’ amount of effort, but only a portion of it (cosine of ‘x’) goes into the ball, the rest is wasted in the dirt or air around the ball.

Once certain joints are mis-placed at the top, the golfer – depending on his/her level of skill and experience – makes individual compensatory movements in order to try to re-position upper-body and trail (right) arm joints properly. The re-positioning gives the body two opportunities to deliver the club over-the-top of the ball. You have to be very skilled and have years of practice to avoid both OTT opportunities and deliver the club from a shallow, inside path!

Ironically, the fitness experts tell you you have physical limitations which need correction in order to make a better swing, when in fact all you need is better joint placement and minimal movement during the swing!


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  1. Posted by Kim Triplette on December 15, 2012 at 1:44 pm

    Kiran –

    Good new videos, however one minor criticism. Videos like “How to Hit Your Best Shot …” are very helpful. They certainly show us what we are (or could be) doing wrong. How about more video on how to perform the MGS correctly? I would have loved to see 2-3 minutes of you hitting good shots (in slow motion) at the end of the “Best Shot” video.

    I have been using MGS for about 6-7 months, after playing conventionally for over 20 years. It has really helped, particularly during these winter periods when I don’t get out to play several times a week. I can usually swing the club in my basement for a few minutes before going out to play and I am fine.

    Thanks for you efforts and insight in developing this system, and for being so generous in sharing it with us.


    • Kim,
      I’m putting as much information on MGSS as I can via videos and blog posts, but am still trying to make a bit of a living through MGSS and the 17 years of research it took to get it right!

      I have a detailed and latest (and small changes happen all the time as I learn more about how the body works, via actually going to school to learn more) ‘how to’ plus ‘drills’ for those signing up for online video lessons, which they get when they sign up. There is a separate ‘how to’ for the full-swing, as well as for the basic pitch, chip and putt. So, depending what a person wants from the online golf lesson, they get the corresponding video.



  2. Posted by PennyPulz on December 15, 2012 at 4:58 pm

    keep up the good work mate. For those of us that like pics over words, I agree the more you show of what is right the easier to mimic. Catering to both sides of the brain folks is so cool.


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